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Things to do


  • Currently, Bluesky Cook Islands have mobile phone coverage (calls and texting only) in the 3 villages - Oneroa, Ivirua and Tamarua - so you should be able to use your mobile phone in these areas.

     Note that mobile data is not available in Mangaia.

  • Bring sturdy footwear or reef shoes if you are intending to visit caves or inland areas, or if you are planning to go into the lagoon or on the reef.

  • Please remember that there are only a few small dairies/shops in Mangaia. Township of Oneroa, as well as the outer villages of Tamarua and Ivirua, which carry basic essential items. So if you have a favourite food requirement, we recommend you bring this with you.

  • You can purchase basic alcoholic beverages locally.  A limited selection of New Zealand beers, wines, cigarettes and some selected spirits are available. 

  • Mangaia has 24-hour electricity supply.

  • Insect repellent is a must, especially when exploring Mangaia's inland makatea and plantations.

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